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[3 Step] Funeral Standing spray-3
(Item No.: MENG-3439)
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Product guide
※ The goods depends on delivery area and weather condition. So colors or kinds of the flowers could be changed.
※ Please let me know the number of candles when you order cake. This cake is from acknowledged bakery to maintain the freshness.
※ All products will be made and hand delivery by local florists except for the parcel service products.
※ Chocolate, Candy, and Pepero(Optional product) can be delivered in an upgraded size if multiple quantities are selected.
※ The price of all option products includes the product purchase cost and service cost (taxes, fees, etc.).

General size guide according to the product type (length x width ㎝)
* Flower Baskets
* approximately 40 (~ 60) X 50 (~ 70)
* Bouquets : approximately 30 X 50
* Vases : approximately 30 x 50
* The East, Orchids : approximately 20 x 50
* The West Orchids(The Occident)
* approximately 40 X 60
* Congratulations wreath
* approximately 120 X 220
* Funeral wreath : approximately 120 X 220

[All the products guided to the value of the average size. The actual size may vary depending on the material, quantity or price of flowers.]

A funeral ceremony in Korea

In korea, A funeral ceremony is for two nights and three days, From The day he (or she) died to the 3rd day early morning. So we have to send a funeral wreath or a funeral standing spray untill 2nd day. A family member of the deceased will leave the funeral on 3rd day morning, it's the reason why we can not send the funeral wreath or a funeral standing spray last day.

A funeral home is in buildings such as Hospital or Funeral Center. There are many rooms for funerals. If a family member of the deceased choose room in there, Their people will start sending a funeral wreath or funeral standing spray to the funeral untill 2nd day.

If you order your funeral wreath or your funeral standing spray during business hours, It will be deliverd within 3 ~5 hours. But if you order your funeral wreath or a funeral standing spray on after hours or the weekend. We will check the order the next business day and send a funeral wreath or a funeral standing spray within 3 ~ 5 hours from then. It's not possible to accept and process all order on a national holidays in South Korea.

You'd like to choose the delivery date to "Fast", It means "Immediately". We accept all order during our working time, 9 am ~ 6 pm and deliver a funeral wreath or a funeral standing spray 9 am to around 8 pm. So if you order your funeral wreath or a funeral standing spray after 6 pm, we can not process your order on the day.

Let us know the name and address of your recipient and whether the name is the deceased or a family member of the deceased. It can help us to deliver your funeral wreath or your funeral standing spray quickly and accurately.

Lastly, We use a Ribbon Message than a Card Message. Usually we input the sentence `삼가 고인의 명복을 빕니다` ( It means `Pray for the bliss of dead`) on the side. And the name of sending person or seding company on the other side.

Delivery and Payment Guide
※ Delivery charge : Free of charge
※ Delivery Area : We can delivery everywhere in south korea
The foreign transaction fee (International transaction fee) is the fee charged to your credit card for making purchases overseas.
※ If you cancel your order due to personal change of mind, not the company's reason, you will receive a refund after deducting 4.5% of the PayPal refund fee. (Based on PayPal terms and conditions in 2021)

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